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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information will TurnKey ID Solutions need to protect my identity?
Typically, just your name, address and phone number.
Will my personal information be resold?
No. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for your identity protection services.
How secure is my information?
Your information is held in strict confidence.
How does TurnKey ID Solutions monitor my information?
Our unique and proprietary methodology proactively searches millions of records through thousands of financial and non-financial databases looking for suspicious activity that could indicate the beginning steps of identity theft.
What databases are monitored?
Our monitoring searches include both financial and non-financial data. Not only do we scan credit bureau information, we also monitor cell phone records, white and yellow pages, subscriptions, and thousands more.
Do you provide credit monitoring?
No. We provide identity monitoring and scoring.
My credit reporting agency says they monitor address changes. Wouldn’t this be sufficient and why is the TurnKey ID Solutions system better for protecting my identity?
We evaluate thousands of financial and non-financial databases so we can get a much broader comparison and are better able to determine changes or possible errors. Credit bureaus look at their own data.
How do keyloggers steal information?
Keyloggers put hooks into the Windows message stream, allowing them to log users’ keystrokes.
What are some currently used methods for detecting keyloggers?
The current methods for detecting keyloggers fall into two categories. First is the method of scanning for known keyloggers and second, attempting to keep keyloggers from hooking into the Windows message stream. Neither of these methods are foolproof because in the first, new keyloggers cannot be detected and in the second, it is very hard to stop keyloggers from getting into the Windows message stream.
What is the difference between TurnKey ID Solutions and other anti-keylogger software or services?
Our approach is unique because it bypasses the Windows message stream completely by encrypting all keystrokes and transferring them to the web browser via a proprietary path. This way, existing as well as new keyloggers have no chance of accessing your keystrokes.
What is "screen-scraping" (also called "screen logging")? Does TurnKey ID Solutions protect me against this?
Our desktop protection includes a blocker that conceals your screen from screen loggers. Loggers that are “screen-scraping” capture snapshots of your screen every time you make a move. Instead of just stopping these types of loggers, we send them all black screens!
If my computer becomes infected with a keylogger, will the software protect me?
Yes. Even if your anti-malware programs do not have current signatures, the software will protect the keys you type with inside your web browser. When the light is green and says “on” the software is in protection mode and keeping your safe from keyloggers.

Services are not available in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont and Utah.

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