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The ONLY patent-protected identity theft protection software available.

FINALLY, you can protect your family with the only-one-of-its-kind “Total Identity Solution”

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Did You Know...?

$16 Billion stolen from 12.7 million identity fraud victims in 2014
—Javelin Strategy & Research

Did You Know...?

Every 2 seconds – someone’s identity is stolen
—Javelin Strategy & Research

Did You Know...?

98% likelihood you’ve already been hacked...
You just don’t know it yet!

Our TurnKey ID Solution Protects

Your desktop and laptop computers

Both PCs and Macs
Microsoft Windows
Apple Computer

Your mobile devices

Both Apple and Android smartphones, iPads and tablets
Apple iOS new
Android robot

Your identity

Protection for your entire family! Your digital identity or “footprint” includes all of your personal, private and confidential information that’s already out there!
digital footprint

No One is Safe...in The News

…So, what were the commonalities in these data breaches?

Malware - also known as keyloggers - was used! These breaches could very well have been prevented if only an anti-keylogging solution had been in place!

You never know when it’s going to be your turn to be hacked... It’s just a matter of time. Protect yourself and your family NOW!

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Identity theft

You see the headlines almost every day. Unsuspecting consumers are being targeted for and victimized by identity theft from every conceivable angle… financial institutions, retailers, mail boxes, post offices, the Internet, email…and yes, even from relatives and co-workers!

What is Identity Theft? Types of Fraud

Our Computers and Mobile Devices are Under Attack

To view LIVE ATTACKS occurring this very moment around the world...view the Norse Attack Map

Desktop Computers

Malware, also known-as malicious software, and crimeware, consist of various types of software, viruses, worms and Trojan Horses designed to run executable programs on your computer.

These programs do not need your consent to operate, and are designed to harm or secretly access your computer and its information, causing your personal information to be transmitted to hackers and thieves.

Mobile Devices

Mobile has changed the way we live and work.

Today, we’re obsessed and can’t go anywhere without our phones and mobile devices. We’re “attached at the hip”.

For that reason and unfortunately many others, mobile devices have become “an easy target” for hackers to steal Usernames and Passwords and other information.

As a result, protecting our mobile login credentials (usernames and passwords), has become critical to prevent identity theft

Why Mobile Devices are So Vulnerable What are the Top Mobile Security Threats?

The BIG Problem is Keylogging Spyware...
...it can avoid being detected by ALL anti-virus programs!

It’s the #1 tool of the hacker because it can be installed without your knowledge and it's successful 98% of the time. A keylogger can copy every keystroke that you type on the keyboard of your computer or mobile device and can be embedded (without you even knowing) into emails, videos, music files, software downloads, and even legitimate websites.

The identity thieves will use these keyloggers to hijack your personal information and assume your Identity. In the last 12 months, more than 93% of passwords (worldwide) were stolen.

How Can a Keylogger Affect Me? So Who are Hackers Targeting? No One is Safe Hackers are Highly Motivated


Security experts consider keylogging as to be the most dangerous threat. It allows cyber criminals to capture every keystroke that you type on the keyboard of your computer or mobile device. This includes login credentials such as usernames/passwords so that thieves can access your online accounts such as email, banking, forums and websites to steal valuable information. Your webcam, screen, clipboard and microphone can also be secretly captured and logged without your knowledge

If you’re not using anti-keylogging software, you run the risk of hackers ruining your life.

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So How DO We Protect You?


We encrypt EVERYTHING...ALL the time!

Our multi-patented anti-keylogging encryption technology protects:

Your desktop and laptop computers - both PCs and Macs: It protects you by encrypting all of your data instantly at the point of origin, when you’re typing on your keyboard.

Your Mobile Devices - Apple and Android Smartphones, iPads and Tablets: We focus on securing your credentials rather than trying to detect the malware. The application is secured by a password, which is protected by an encrypted keyboard.

This proactive protection technology is designed to protect you and your family from keyloggers... something that anti-virus programs cannot do! Ultimately, we prevent keylogging malware from stealing your personal, confidential, health and financial information.

security guard
Protection & Monitoring

Your family’s digital identity or “footprint.” This includes everything else that’s already out there!

  • Social Security Numbers

  • Name, Address, Phone Numbers

  • Dates of Birth

  • Banking and Financial Records

  • Health and Medical Records

  • Social Media Profiles

Since we monitor thousands of databases and millions of records, we’re typically able to catch potential fraudulent activity in its beginning stages. The databases we monitor include:

  • Credit bureau information

  • Financial institutions

  • Cell phone records

  • White and yellow pages

  • ...and thousands more!

law book and gavel

...and just in case, “We’ve got you covered!”

Should you become a victim of identity theft, our recovery specialists will help bring your identity back to a pre-theft status. By assuming and reorganizing the recovery process on your behalf, TurnKey ID Solutions can save you time, money and the hassle associated with clearing and restoring your identity.

Trained identity theft specialists will work with you 24/7 to help repair your good name. We will take all the appropriate steps in order to correct your identity theft problems which typically require the assistance and expense of an attorney.

Some of the tools we use are:

  • Credit report reviews

  • Fraud alert/security freezes

  • Restoration and recovery

  • Free ID Theft Emergency Response Kit™

  • Full administration of the case

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See how we compare! Our ID Preserve and TurnKey ID Solutions vs. LifeLock


Standard Protection

Best Choice: Premium Protection
Desktop Computers & Laptops        
Mobile Devices        
iPhone & iPad    
Android & Tablets    
Keyboard keystroke encryption      
Device protection: Includes one (1) devices      
Optional: Up to eight (8) additional devices      

Protection & Monitoring³

Standard Protection

Best Choice: Premium Protection
Includes family plan up to (10) minors⁴    
Proprietary Technology  
Does Not Require SSN or Date of Birth  
Does Not Sell Consumer Information  
Flat Rate Family Plan  
Identity Theft Risk Score  
Identity Monitoring
Fictitious Identity Monitoring
50+ Identity Theft Identifiers  
Credit Monitoring  
Online Annual Credit Report Score  
Monthly Credit Score Tracking  
Child Monitoring  
Address Verification
Black Market Website Surveillance
Court Record Scanning
File Sharing Network Searches  
Credit Inquiry Activity ✓¹   ✓¹
Credit Card, Checking, Savings Activity Alerts ✓¹ ✓⁵ ✓¹
Investment Account Activity Alerts ✓¹   ✓¹
Checking, Savings Acct Application Alerts ✓¹   ✓¹
Bank Account Takeover Alerts ✓¹   ✓¹
Email Alerts ✓¹   ✓¹
Driver’s License Number Monitoring ²   ²
Medical ID Number Monitoring  
Payday Loan Monitoring  
Live Member Service 24/7/365
Proactive Suspicious Activity Phone Alerts  


Standard Protection

Best Choice: Premium Protection
Insurance Provider AIG   AIG
Insurance Amount $1,000,000$1M   $1,000,000$1M
Identity Theft Event Discovery Based  
Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer Occurrence Based  
Discovery Based  
Service Guarantee Amount UnlimitedUnl. $1,000,000$1M UnlimitedUnl. $1,000,000$1M
Fully Managed  
Legal Consultation  
Financial Coaching  
Lost Wallet/Purse Protection
Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Offers
Electronic Newsletter  
Social Security Statement Access  
Free Credit Report Access and Reminder  
Sex Offender Registry Reports  
Data Breach Notifications


Standard Protection

Best Choice: Premium Protection
Monthly $12.95 per Individual; $16.95 per Family $19.99 per Adult; $5.99 per Child under age 18 (No Family Plan/Discount Available) $19.95 per Family $29.99 per Adult; $5.99 per Child under age 18 (No Family Plan/Discount Available)

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¹ When used, these benefits require a Social Security number. For Email Alerts, member prompted to call live operator to discuss alert.

² We do not perform driver’s license monitoring because it does not produce worthwhile identity theft monitoring and gives the member a false sense of security. Most current threats are centered on SSNs, which are the “keys to the kingdom.” The recent OPM breach of more than 20 million Americans' SSNs puts one in twenty people at lifetime risk of major issues. And that’s just one breach. In contrast, the official Interpol database reports a match rate of stolen passports of one per ten thousand. Private-sector services that claim to monitor stolen passport and driver’s license information have hit rates of one per million.

³ Please Note: If you are a resident of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont or Utah, only the Prevention (Keystroke Encryption) services are available. The Protection & Monitoring and the Restoration services are not available.

⁴ See terms and conditions of service.

⁵ Network does not cover all transactions

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