Turnkey ID Solutions Benefits


Real-Time Prevention

TurnKey ID Solutions provides the ultimate identity guard and identity theft prevention tool that encrypts as you type, providing real-time protection, and serves as a shield for your personal information against spyware/malware.

Protection & Monitoring

Internet Privacy Scanning

TurnKey ID Solutions scans the Internet to find your exposed personal information, which includes phone numbers, birth dates, addresses, email addresses, and more. Then, we help you remove that data from the websites that posted it online and put you at risk for theft.

Medical ID Protection

Your medical and insurance information is valuable to identity thieves and is a target. Someone who steals this information can use your name or health insurance information to see a doctor, fill a prescription, or file claims with your insurance provider. TurnKey ID Solutions gives you protection against fraud as you use this information online.

Social Media

An explosion in the use of social media worldwide means more opportunities to steal identities and commit fraud online than ever before. TurnKey ID Solutions keeps you safe when using platforms that are vulnerable for attack and can prevent harm that comes from exposing users’ information.

Home Security

Modern burglars don’t need crowbars and a ski mask; all they have to do is monitor your home network, security cameras, or even your baby’s monitor. Just the use of your username and password allows them to disable any motion detectors. TurnKey ID Solutions keeps you safe against this type of threat.

Child Protect & Internet Scanning

We offer enhanced detection of whether your child’s Social Security number is being used and also actively scans the Internet to locate exposed personal information.

ID Theft Risk Score

In order to provide the most sophisticated and high-tech protection, TurnKey ID Solutions uses proprietary predictive analytics while searching hundreds of billions of records to provide a risk score for customers.

Family Information

If your family’s personal information is obtained by an ID thief, it could lead to falsified information in medical records, greatly affecting your family’s ability to receive proper medical attention and care.TurnKey ID Solutions stands on guard against this frightening scheme.

Ongoing Monitoring

TurnKey ID Solutions’ unique and proprietary methodology proactively and constantly searches thousands of financial and non-financial databases in order to detect the early stages of harm and provide the best identity theft protection services.

Stop Credit Card Offers

Unsolicited credit card offers are a theft risk; thieves can take materials directly from your mailbox and open credit cards in your name without you knowing. With TurnKey ID Solutions, you can request to opt-out of receiving "firm offers" for five years or permanently.

Free Credit Reports Reminder Service

As a TurnKey ID Solutions member, direct-to-consumer credit reports are available so you can see what lenders, landlords and insurance companies examine before making a credit decision. This gives you the opportunity to identify any false information that may be lurking before you apply for credit.

Account Activity Alerts

High-risk transactions normally take place outside of a credit report and can expose you to financial danger. They often occur anonymously, typically online or through call centers. TurnKey ID Solutions’account activity alerts provide visibility into your risk of information misuse, exposing actions that may mean someone is establishing a false identity using your personal information.

Quarterly eNewsletter

As a TurnKey ID Solutions member, you receive exclusive access to a quarterly electronic newsletter that offers helpful and timely information on ID theft prevention and ID theft protection.


Identity Restoration

As part of our enhanced protection, TurnKey ID Solutions takes over the ID recovery process, taking all of the necessary steps in order to correct problems, which typically require the help and expense of an attorney.

Lost Wallet Service

Losing your purse or wallet can be an upsetting and frustrating experience, but our lost wallet service helps make the theft recovery process less stressful.

Victim Assistance

If you become a victim of identity theft, our recovery specialists will help bring your identity back to normal status. By assuming the task of restoration and organizing the process on your behalf, TurnKey ID Solutions saves you time, money and the hassle that could come from other less-aggressive or less-advanced protection services.


TurnKey ID Solutions offers $1,000,000 insurance protection coverage in order to reimburse you for the expenses incurred to reclaim your identity.